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We Build, You Finish

We Build You Finish

We will occasionally have a customer who wants to have the fun of painting and weathering their own model. However just does not have the time or tools to build it. So we offer a service no one else does. We will build the model, and send it to you cleaned up, primed and ready to finish.

What we will do is, build the model professionally to our normal exacting standards. We then will sand and clean up the build. Prime it with high quality primers. We then will send it to you, ready for you to paint. You only have to paint it and weather it as you wish.


Paint Accuracy

If you want, we can even supply bottles of ready to use paints, to match the historical or movie accurate references as needed. So you dont need to hunt down the right shade or color code. We do it for you and provide it ready to go.

Images to help

We can also include a Cd of images in standard JPG format of your models parent vehicle, so you can have accurate images to reference when finishing your model. We are literally turn key for you with your we build, you finish model.

The end cost depends on the model kit and what we have to do. Simple resin kits are less than a complicated large scale model. In the end we will work with you to find out the exact model you want, and size etc.

We have access to some of the rarest and most sought after models around. From the large scale Star wars B-Wing bomber, to the large scale military armor models and beyond. We have a model resourcing ability that not many places can match.

Many places order most of their kits. We stock many of ours. We stock everything from the high end Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon to the rare Y-Wing resin model and more. We stock over 100 kits in house, so if we advertise it, we have it.