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Custom Model Building

Custom Model Building

We custom craft display quality models of every type for our customers. Our model builds are of the highest quality. With every detail paid attention to. Your model, no matter what it is will pass the eye of the most discerning person. Our model builds are truly museum quality.

When we build a model, we use only the best quality resins and glues to build them. We then use the best quality paints made by Vallejo and Tamiya to finish them. We then weather and detail the models with the best pigments and washes on the market. We know your model deserves the best, and that is what it gets.


Award Winning Builds

Our models have won gold at the Can-Am challenge in 2018. This international competition was in Livonia Michigan. We took first place Gold in the Large Scale catagory. Our builds passed some of the toughest IPMS judging you can go through.

Anything You Need

We have built everything from science fiction resin models, to military large scale armor and more. No matter your need, we have the ability to build your model, and ensure that it is per your exacting needs. We have an image database of over 500 thousand images to ensure our builds match everything from movie to historical accuracy demands.

We understand that sometimes a customer will want to have their model match exactly a specific movie or other thing. This matching of "canon" and accuracy to ensure it follows and matches a specific genre, vehicle or movie is important. We have worked with many clients to ensure their builds exactly match, their needs.

We not only move to ensure accuracy and also authenticity. We also know that moving in a timely manner to get your build done is important. So we work with you, to determine your time frames, and when you need your model build done. We can usually act quickly and work with your timeline needs.

We are economical, and flexible with our customers and their budgets. We work with you, to determine a realistic budget, and to match that budget to your build needs. We are very good at working with our customers, to fall within their budgets. We also can work with you, on payment plans so you can reserve your build, and pay it off on your schedule.