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Custom Bases

Custom Bases

When we build a model for a customer and it requires a base to be mounted to, we of ourse will indlude that base as part of the build. However many times a customer wants something different. Something that will set their build apart, and make it stand out. We can cater to any need, any design.

From one of our custom lit bases, to our 3D sclupted ones. Your build can be set apart by us. From backlit LCARS displays to 3D Death Star bases, and even planets, and PVC printed ones. We are experts are showcasing the builds we do with high end, high quality bases.


No matter the need

We are only limited by your imagination. You can decided what you want, or you can select one of our custom made bases from our Model Base store. We are all of the time expanding the bases we offer.

LED Lighting

We can light any of the bases we have with LED's or other types of lighting if you desire it. What we can do is only limited by what you want.

Our standard base is black, silver or white. With a steel pole running up into the model kit, where lighting wires etc can be placed if the model it lit. When lighting is present there is either a 12 Volt plug coming out the back or a power battery box with a switch.

If you have a specific idea, we can most likely make it happen. We work with clients all of the time to make a base that is uniquely their own.

There are many options, from 12 volt Cd plug to AA batteries. You also can have a variety of ways to power it on. from a simple plug to even rocker switches, touch controls and even remote control.