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Collector Helmets

Collector Helmets

We make awesome collector level and cosplay level helmets of your favorite movies, TV Shows and books. We can also make anything you may want on a custom level. Our helmets use some of the most high quality resins and fiberglass available. So you can be assured of quality and durability.

We also know that accuracy and adherance to the shows canon is important. When you pay for authenticity, you deserve to get it. We want to make sure that the details are right. However not at the same time sacrifice the quality we owe you.


Want Something Different

Sometimes you want something no one else has. We can make you your own custom helmet, paint it and finish it per your strict standards. That way your helmet is uniquely you.

Cosplay or Collector

Some places offer two levels of helmets. One made for cosplay, one for display. However we offer one, and our one helmet meets both needs. Why sacrifice the look just because you want to go out and wear it. Your helmet will look just as good on the shelf as on your head at an event.

Our helmets are made to what we classify as a standard head size. This size fits 90 percent of all those who would need one. However if you have a large head, let us know and we can make it a little larger. Or to be safe when you order from us, let us know your head diamater and we will be sure to provide a helmet that will fit you.

Our helmets are made from a custom mix of fiberglass and onyx resins. This allows a smooth finish and a helmet that is very durable, and the just right weight the discerning collector will love.

We also can outfit your helmet with speakers, ventilation fans and more. Really anything you need for your helmet we can provide, and expertly install also.