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Privacy Policy

This is Replica Forge official Privacy Policy, and is our statement and policy on how we hand the information and data of our clients and those who visit this site. This policy is designed so that you may have a clear understanding of how we handle the data that we come into contact with. we encourage you to check back often in case there is a change to this policy that may effect your dealings with us. We are The Replica Forge, a Limited Liability Company located in Michigan in the United States. All purchases via our online store and with our customers are done via PayPal, and are processed through My Friend Spot, llc who is our parent company who handle all of our transactions.

Our servers use state of the art privacy and security protections, to ensure that our data is secure as is possible. We have a very simple policy about our customer data. We do not sell it, rent, lease, trade or market it. We are NOT in the business to sell client information. We feel this is an unethical practice, and all of our customers, and prospective customer will enjoy total privacy. All customers can sign NDA (Non disclosure Agreements) with us if the desire to do so. All imagery posted of work we do for clients are carefully edited to ensure no client private information is displayed.

Our site uses cookies so that your computer can load our pages faster. Our cookies in no way collect any private information about you or your computer. You can turn off our ability to use cookies on your browsers settings tab. You are not obligated in any way to allow us to place a cookie on your computer in order to use our website.

In keeping with our Privacy Policy we do not collect any informtion from you or your computer, except the required data, such as IP Address. This is so we may comply with U.S. Law and also allow you when you re-visit the site to load our pages faster. None of your data is shared with any third party persons. Our servers are located in the United States of America and all sales through our online store are handled by PayPal, we never see or are given any of your financial information.

All monetary transaction are done so using secure SSL Encrypted connections, and are handled by PayPal and The Replica Forge has no access to any financial information of our customers, other than the normal informaton PayPal provides us, such as name, email address, amount paid etc. The Replica Forge does not have, gain, see or view any credit card, debit card information if that is your method of payment.

The only exception to this is if you opt for Bank Wire Transfer. In which case we will have been given by you or your financial Institution at your consent your account number and banks address, name and routing number. We do not keep your bank information, except the normal Federal and State required records for purposed or reporting income.

This account information is required to accept any funds via wire transfer by your bank. You are encouraged to use PayPal if you do not want to provide this information. However, depending on the amount of the transaction, we may require you to do a Bank wire transfer. This would be due to PayPal's policies about maximum funds allowed etc.

All servers for this website are located in the United States of America and utilize industry standard security. No customer information is kept in these servers. The Replica Forge is a U.S. Based business, and our offices are located in Battle Creek, Michigan.

If you feel any of your Trademarks or Copyrights have been violated, please reach out to us via our Contact form HERE and please include the following information. If you do not include the following information in full your DMCA claim will not be processed.


ALL of this information must be provided to us. Ir we will not process your complaint. All DMCA complaints are looked into seriously when the proper information is provided. Once we receive your complaint, with all the required information. We will look into the claim, and remove if needed the violating content.

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