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Payment Plans

Replica Forge Payment Plans

The Replica Forge understands that sometimes you may need to spread out over a short period of time your purchase with us. Because of this we offer a simple and easy payment plan for our customers. We offer a very simple and easy way to pay for their build or product. With this payment plan, you are assured of getting the build you want, and or the product reserved.

What makes this so nice, is that sometimes we offer very rare and no longer available model or resin model kits. Or possibly a limited edition collector item. You can now get one, get it reserved and pulled for you, and have the peace of mind knowing that you are just a few payments away from having it in your home or office. This is how it works.

The terms or fine print is not anything complicated. We simply will invoice you via PayPal, and you make your down payment. Then just pay it off within 60 days and you own an original Replica Forge crafted work. Please note that all payment are non refundable, and you do have 60 days to pay off your purchase. This is due to specific laws that govern our ability to extend what could be classified as credit.

Please note, there is no interest or other such nonsense or hiddlen fees. This is a free service we offer as we here at The Replica Forge understand that sometimes you need some time.