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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common ones


We all of the time are requested to match specific vehicle types in movies. From color accuracy to specific style and design. So yes we can. We also can match logos, colors etc, as we have an image libary of over 100,000 images from hundreds of movies.

We offer a simple payment plan for customers who need it. Details are on our services and shop pages.

We are custom model builders, not data miners. We think the practice of selling client information should be made illegal.

Even if there is not a commercially available model kit, or a garage resin kit available. We can with our ability to 3D model and 3D print make anything you could want. We also make silicone molds for very custom model working, so nothing is beyond our ability to create.

We all of the time make models for our friends in Europe and Asia and beyond. We have done work for customers in the following Countries. Britain, France, Japan, Australia, Germany, Norway, Egypt, Denmark, Scotland, Italy, New Zealand and Canada.

We deal in tight time frames all of the time. contact us with your needs, and we can see if we can work within your needed time frame. Since we do this full time, and this is our main business. We usually can work with you. Of course it will depend on your build, needs and timeline.

We have on site 3D printers, 3D Scanners, High performance computers, work benches with state of the art tools. We have table size router, CNC Machining and molding tools and materias. We pretty much can make or fabricate anything we need.

General Questions

Can you light my build?

Yes we can, we use LED lighting everyday in our various builds.

What if I want something really odd?

Odd is normal for us, we do custom work all of the time for people.

Do you use recast.

No, as responsible stewards of the business we cannot support recasters.

How accurate can you get?

As accurate as you need it to be.

Can you make a one off build for me.

Yes, custom made one of a kind models are made all the time for clients.

Are you expensive?

We consider ourselves pretty economical. Cost is based on your needs, and we always can offer work arounds to match your budget.