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Welcome to The Replica Forge Article and Blog page. With our new website we decided to also do occasionally articles that we think clients and others would and will find interesting and engaging. We also will be doing product reviews, unboxings, website reviews and anything else that is related to our craft that we find interesting. So keep an eye out on this page as we will be updating this regularly.

03 jan

Why is recasting hurting the business?

If you go online and do research on resin model kits, you will hear two terms crop up almost instantly, these are garage kits and the word recast. Now what are these and how do they relate to each other is important. However what is more important is how they effect each other and the business of model making.

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30 oct

When it much detail, well... Too much?

Welcome to The Replica Forges first blog / article and in this introductory article we are going to be talking about detail. Putting detail into models, and is there really such a thing called too much?

Detail can be subjective, they say the devil is in the details, and we have always stressed that paying attention to the details is important. And it is, however is there a time when too much is too much? Well read on and we will be getting into....

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This blog was started on October 30, 2018 so if you are seeing this come back often and you will see more and more content, articles and more.