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When is too much detail too much?

30 oct

Detail can be subjective, they say the devil is in the details, and we have always stressed that paying attention to the details is important. And it is, however is there a time when too much is too much? Well read on and we will be getting into more well.... Detail on this.

When building a high quality, well thought out model it is important to get all the details right. Colors, markings and more are very important. There is a level of detail in fact that we put into our models that have helped us make a name for us. But when does detail become redundant? Now do not take this wrong, detail is important. However when is too much, well not so much toomuch. But more like no one will ever see it.

The difference between the average and the above average is usually in the details. Confused yet?

We at the Replica Forge run into almost every day the need to get details such as paint color or tone, or markings right. Lighting is more and more becoming important and with the new lighting technology out there that can be made right also. However the question begs, when does detail become not needed. This is we think an important thing to talk about. Clients want the details right, but when do you as a potential client need to think about is the level of detail I want not so much too much. But more, so finite, so small that no one will ever see it.

Details to always demand...

First the details that you as a customer should always demand to be adhered to by your model maker. These are the small details that will make or break your models wow factor. And we all do love WOW.

  • Paint Colors and Shade accuracy.
  • Markings and other similar details.
  • Lighting / General lighting
  • Aging and Weathering.
  • Depending on scale and display interior details.
  • Model accuracy - we will talk about this in a moment.

One of the keys to a very good model is to always take stock of those details. However again when is too much detail a bad thing. What we always tell clients is to think of what you are wanting. Of course more detail cost more to make. If you are doing a Tank as an example, maybe some inner turret detail is great, as you can see in the turret hatches. However if the engine compartmnt is sealed up no one will ever see it. Leave it.... Another example is finite details, if you are making a Enterpise starship, 1/1000 scale, that is pretty small, so why fuss with the Bridge detail, no one will ever see it, and even if they tried they would never be able to.

What we do at The Replica Forge is offer advice in the beginning stages of the project. We love detail, however we do not want a client to waste money on things they or no one else will ever see. So when you are thinking of your build, think about the following.

  • How will you display the model.
  • What is the model scale (See next item).
  • How can I get maximum eye appeal from the scale.
  • Is something I want, not ever going to be visible.

Once you think of these, that will we think guide you into making decisions about your project that will aid you in making it the best it can be. Also think of it like this. Why put money into something that you will never see, when you can take that money and put it into extras such as a lit base, or maybe even the start of that other project you want done.