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The Replica Forge

We know that sometimes things in our past or present bring us so much joy, that we want to preserve them forever. Movies, TV Shows and more. So what we strive to do is help a person keep those memories by building display quality models from their childhood or other happy memories.

We operate a 2,000 square foot work shop and soon to be display studio in Battle Creek, Michigan. We offer a variety of services for our customers, and work with them to make their imagination a reality. We work with everyone from the home collector, to the Cosplayer to the Indie movie studio needing specialized props.

Don S.

Lead Modeler

Model maker, Operations manager and main paint and weathering guy. Lead droid on the Jawa sand crawler we call Replica Forge.

Mike C.

Model Builder

Model maker and leads up the making of the Millennium Falcons, he knows the things so well, we call him Chewbacca. No seriously, we do.

Steve H.

Model Builder 3D Guy

Model builder, heads up injection molded projects. Also training on the 3D printers. Thinks pineapple belongs on pizza. We still like him.

Matt P.

Painter / Mold Maker

Mold maker, painter, all things chemically and siliconey. Is that even a word? Well in his world it is, and we are just rolling with it.

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