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What We Do Is Create

Model Building

We at The Replica Forge are experts at building models for collectors and the theatrical industry. We offer a low cost solution for those who want high quality, expertly made, finished and painted models. Any subject is possible with us. Anyone can have their dream on their shelf fast and economically.

We Are Serious

When many online talk about their workshop, they are talking about a room in their house, maybe a space in their garage. We at The Replica Forge operate a two thousand square foot real Workshop. With large benches, work rooms, 3D printers, Rotocaster, mold making areas. We are a real facility to do this.

3D Design and Printing

We can expertly 3D model and then print your custom prop, item or special need easily. We have both in house standard filamant 3D printers and also SLA 3D Printers that are commercial grade and that are designed to do the volume we require. Our 3D modeling is expert in its design, and nothing is off limits.

The Way We Work

  • The Project
  • Getting Set Up
  • We Create It
  • We Ship It
The first step is we talk with you, determine what it is you need and want. We will work to determine the project scope and what it will take to make your idea come to fruition. This can sometimes be very easy, and sometimes we need to work with you for a bit to get it into a form where we can get you a price and time frame.
We then will work to get into the shop the models or things we need to get your project done, this may also require us to begin 3D modeling and printing of certain parts of your project. Once we get everything into our shop we begin the process of making your dream become a reality.
We schedule your build, work with you to ensure the timeline is okay, then work to get your model or other project built, finished and then done. Once you approve it we then go to the final step of getting it into your hands.
Once your project is done, we will package it up carefully ensuring it is padded properly. We will then send it to you with tracking, and enclosed will be a CD with all the build images on it. We also can arrange to hand deliver a model if they are large or very delicate.
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